Tree Tag was started to tackle the issue of inablility to track trees that were planted as part of environment protection drives. Tree Tag let you publicly view the location and details of such trees. What's more is that we provide a platform for businesses and people to sponsor trees without the hassle of having to procure, plant and maintain the trees themselves.

Tree Tag is created by Alphavogue and supported by Thanal and Vydyuthi. Alphavogue is a company that is comitted to promoting eco-friendly lifestyle and technology while Thanal is an NGO based out of Trivandrum that focuses on protecting the environment and promoting environmentally conscious lifestyle by conducting studies on natural history and bringing environmental education to schools and colleges. Vydyuthi offers a wide variety consulting, training, project management services and R&D in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Power Quality assessment, E-Mobility and Carbon Accounting for businesses in India and abroad.